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The Exceptional Team Rebuild workshop 

Do you need to bring your teams back together and plan the way forward 
for your business with people at its heart? 
Do you want to build a reconnected, refocused, reengaged and reenergised team 
that’s ready to relaunch and restart? 
The Exceptional Team Rebuild workshop is an interactive event that will help your teams 
get back to business. 
We have faced so many unimaginable challenges over the past few months. But, ahead of us we are now starting to see that we can begin working towards a brighter future with new ways of working more effectively together. 
This new workshop has been launched by AWD Development Solutions to help you and your team work together to plan a new way of working. The ‘Exceptional Team Rebuild’ workshop is designed for organisations and teams who want to look to the future. 
Who's the workshop for? 
The ‘Exceptional Team Rebuild’ workshop is designed to help organisations in private and public sectors; 
• Senior management and executive teams 
• Established work groups or project teams 
• Managers, supervisors and team leaders 
• All your employees if you're a small business 
The workshop will be run by Andrew Deighton who is an experienced team and leadership development professional. It will help you to: 
• Create team focus, engagement and alignment as we bring our teams together again 
• Establish enhanced team relationships 
• Become more efficient and effective as a team and with your business processes 
• Provide improved team productivity and capability 
• Develop improved team delivery 
• Deliver improved business performance 
Participants will also gain a valuable understanding of a framework that they can apply to both business and personal lives. 
All attendees will receive a copy of The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ Planner. 
Outline of the workshop 
The ‘Exceptional Team Rebuild’ workshop will be delivered initially via an online event using Zoom. 
The workshop is available as a one-day session that can also be broken down into two half day events or delivered in three blocks of two hours each. 
Each workshop will be focused on your specific circumstances, business and personal objectives. A maximum of 16 people will participate to ensure effective contribution and interaction. 
If and when safe to do so, the workshop will also be available for face-to-face delivery as a full day – let’s hope this time comes soon. 
More information 
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss in more detail. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. 
Call Andrew on 07769 726556 or email andrew@awddevelopmentsolutions.com  
to discuss your requirements and book your workshop. 
Here are some feedback comments from some of my recent clients. 
“I found the Team Rebuild Masterclass a really useful space to reflect on proactive and positive methods of moving on from what has been a challenging time, and I know I will be putting these tips into practice. The Masterclass was focused and practical, with plenty of opportunity for questions. Andrew is a great presenter and coveys ideas with warmth and clarity.” 
“Andrew’s development workshops enabled the team to contribute to a focused, cohesive & effective approach to strategic planning. Home-Start Erewash will be very happy to work with AWD Development Solutions in the future.“ 
"Throughout our time with Andrew he helped us enormously; from support with writing business goals and strategy planning, to team building, growth and personal development, I benefited hugely from my sessions with Andrew and feel his help in creating a stronger and more stable workplace has been invaluable. It was with sadness we said goodbye to Andrew at the end of our 6 months, but I am confident we will continue to build on the skills he has given us and that we will work together again at some point in the future. Thank you Andrew!" 
"The last 18 months of meeting with Andrew has been immeasurably valuable in the upscale and aspirations for Domino Effect's future. He has a way of drawing out inner desires and asking lots of questions about how that would look if we tried xyz. I can't thank him enough for his support and guidance except to recommend him highly." 
So you can understand what to expect, this is how we'll work together on The Exceptional Team Rebuild workshop (our terms). 
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