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What is a coach? 

Do you want to improve your performance to achieve agreed, specific goals? 
Do you have a member of you team who needs to focus on a specific personal development area? 
As a coach, I help individuals to work through their challenges and develop options and solutions. I'll use questioning techniques to create new thinking. 
I'll bring an independent view and act as a confidential sounding board and critical friend. 
You make commitments to take action between sessions. I'll hold you accountable for taking those actions. 

How does The Coaching Package work? 

The Coaching Package is delivered virtually using Zoom and includes the following: 
A 30 minute 'Get to know you' session to build the relationship and understand the initial purpose and focus 
Six coaching sessions of 60 minutes each or nine coaching sessions of 60 minutes each depending on your preference 
All preparation time for each session, delivery of the session and any agreed follow up activity or resources 
The frequency of sessions will be flexible and agreed to suit your specific situation. Monthly sessions may not be the answer. You may need more frequent sessions initially and then move to monthly. 
There's also the option to take a psychometric profile and receive detailed feedback (at an additional cost). 

Some examples of areas I can help you with 

Developing specific personal skills 
Developing a business strategy 
Achieving a deliverable you have to meet (a project or a task) 
Building your leadership and management skills 
Acting as a sounding board for improvement ideas 
Preparing and delivering a presentation 
Managing a change project 
Building and developing a team 
Career progression and career changes 
Business development issues 

Your investment 

Six x 1 hour coaching sessions package £649 
Nine x 1 hour coaching sessions package £949 
Prices exclude VAT 
(Other package sizes and payment options are available) 

What others say 

"Andrew is a fantastic sounding board who gave me sound guidance and advice that has stuck with me ever since. Andrew's active listening and thoughtful coaching skills are second to none that I have worked with and I would wholly endorse Andrew to others that have not yet had the fortune of working with him. I wouldn't be where I am now in neither my career nor my personal life if it wasn't for Andrew's consistent support, encouragement and belief in others.” 
“Andrew understands how business works; the cogs that whirr in the background of an organisation. His skill is that he is able to listen to those sounds, interpret them and in his understated, measured style; develop questions to probe further, help you to crystallise your thoughts, and then give assured experience and guidance as to how to oil those cogs and make your projects and plans run all the smoother and more effectively.” 
“Andrew provided a number of coaching sessions for me over the last half year period. His methodical, patient approach perfectly balanced my 'stream of consciousness' conversations! I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Andrew and his experience and insights were relevant and worthwhile to the areas we highlighted together as key discussion points. I highly recommend Andrew in any coaching / mentoring / professional development roles.” 
"The last 18 months of meeting with Andrew has been immeasurably valuable in the upscale and aspirations for Domino Effect's future. He has a way of drawing out inner desires and asking lots of questions about how that would look if we tried xyz. I can't thank him enough for his support and guidance except to recommend him highly." 
Call Andrew on 07769 726556 or email andrew@awddevelopmentsolutions.com  
to discuss your requirements and book your workshop. 
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