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In a small and medium sized organisation, your people are your business. As your business grows and changes, you need to make sure your development processes get the best out of them. To do that you need to GET the right people, GROW them professionally and personally so they want to stay with you, perform at their best and GENERATE on-going performance and success to achieve your business goals. 
But if you don’t align your development strategies, processes and solutions to your vision, values, business strategy and goals, you’ll be wasting your time and money. 
Here are some thoughts on the elements from my Our Development Partner™ framework. 
Vision and Values 
Your vision and values are the fundamental core of your business. 
• Do you have a clear vision of where you’d like your business to be? 
• Have you got a set of values that underpin how you run your business, deal with your customers and lead your employees? 
Business strategy 
Your business strategy covers your business drivers, goals and objectives and how you measure your progress. 
• Do you have a strategy to move you towards your vision? 
• Do your employees’ objectives support the delivery of your strategy? 
Development strategy 
Your development for the organisation, its teams and employees must cost effectively support the achievement of your business strategy. 
• Do you have a development strategy defined for your business? 
• Does your development strategy support the delivery of your business strategy? 
GET the right people – Define 
Define the organisation structure and roles required with the associated competencies (skills, knowledge, behaviours and experiences). 
• Is your business structured in the most efficient and effective way? 
• Are the roles clearly and simply defined, with accountabilities, and the competencies needed to perform the role effectively? 
GET the right people – Source 
Source candidates who meet, or who can be developed to meet, the role requirements. 
• Do you use clear job specifications to drive your recruitment activities? 
• Do you get enough good quality, relevant candidates applying for your vacancies? 
GET the right people – Select 
Select candidates using rigorous, fair and robust assessment processes and tools. 
• Do you use a variety of assessment and selection approaches depending on the role you are recruiting for? 
• Are your interviewers and assessors trained to ensure they operate your selection processes legally and fairly? 
GROW your people – Integrate 
Integrate new employees into your organisation and established teams through a comprehensive induction process. 
• Do you have a structured approach to induction so that all your employees receive the same quality of experience, whether moving externally or internally? 
• Does your induction include cultural aspects of your organisation as well as practical and process elements? 
GROW your people – Engage 
Engage your employees so they want to stay with your organisation. 
• How do you communicate with your employees and involve them in the business? 
• Do your employees understand why you make any changes and do they buy into them and contribute to their successful implementation? 
GROW your people – Develop 
Develop teams and individuals to maximise their performance and capabilities, fill skills gaps and prepare people with the potential for more significant and demanding roles. 
• How do you identify your employees’ training and development needs? 
• Do you use a range of approaches to develop your people and measure the effectiveness of the solutions? 
GENERATE performance and success – Perform 
Ensure that your people perform to the best of their abilities so they deliver individual, team and business objectives. 
• Do all your people have individual objectives which support the achievement of the business goals and their personal development? 
• Do you regularly review the performance of your people against their objectives and understand their development needs? 
GENERATE performance and success – Succeed 
Identify people with the potential to succeed into key roles to ensure business continuity and success. 
• Do you have robust and consistent processes to identify and develop people with potential for growth? 
• Do you have actively managed succession plans for critical and key roles in your business? 
If you’d like to talk about how I can partner with you as your retained, outsourced Employee Development Director to design and implement your development strategies, processes and solutions then get in touch. 
I’ll help you work out what to do, how to do it, and make it happen 
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